Brake inspections for your car are free at Taskers Automotive. Why not get your brakes checked when you come in for your regular oil change? Waiting too long can make the cost of repairs be double or more.

What to Watch For

Is your brake light on?

When brakes are at or close to needing repair or replacement, they usually give certain warning signals.

Common Signs of Wear

  • A low or spongy pedal, could mean that there is air in the hydraulic system
  • A red brake-warning light that could mean there is an imbalance in the braking or hydraulic system
  • An amber brake-warning light that could mean there is a problem with the ABS system
  • Squeals squeaks and grinding sounds may mean it’s time for new brake pads or shoes

Common Signs of Wear that Require Disassembly to Inspect

  • Worn brake pads and rotors– pads or rotors that are too thin can’t dissipate the extreme heat produced during braking
  • Worn brake shoes or drums dissipate less heat and can cause greater brake pedal travel
  • These conditions can cause longer stopping distances and difficult stopping in an emergency situation.
  • Rotors and drums that are too thin may even become over-stressed and break.

Remember, any time you notice any of these or other symptoms it’s a good idea to have the brakes checked. In fact, we recommend that you have them inspected once a year.

Taskers Automotive has the proper diagnostic equipment, training, experience, and quality brake parts for your vehicle makes and models. We carry brake rotors, brake pads, brake calipers. Is it time to change your brake rotor ?