Vehicle Suspension and Alignment

Proper maintenance of a vehicle’s suspension will help both the safety and economy of your vehicle. The suspension system absorbs the shocks from the road so that the other parts of your vehicle don’t have to. Any time your wheels are not on the road, even for a second you lose control of the vehicle. A worn suspension can place extra duty on your braking system. Plus it can affect your gas mileage.

Some of the symptoms of steering, suspension, or alignment problems are:

  • Uneven tire wear
  • Excessive tire wear
  • Bouncing over bumps or uneven roads
  • Loss of control during sudden stops
  • Vehicle front end dips on a hard stop
  • Front or rear sag on a vehicle
  • Vehicle swerves on a turn or lane change
  • Loss of control on a curve
  • Poor steering control
  • Vehicle pulls to one side
  • Longer braking distances

Your tires need to be in full contact with the road all of the time. A weakness in one part of the suspension system will affect all other parts of the system. A worn suspension or mis-alignment will cut the life of your tires, increase braking distances, and put pressure on every part and joint in your vehicle.

Whether you have a conventional suspension system or a strut-based suspension system, Taskers Auto personnel have the training and experience to identify and diagnose problems and get your vehicle in optimum driving condition.