Here at Taskers Automotive we get a lot of customers this way:

  • A person brings in a car, truck, SUV, Van etc.
  • Checking prices on a transmission repair.
  • We give them a price.
  • They go to the place that quoted a lower number.
  • Surprise! They find other problems.
  • They end up spending more. Sometimes A LOT MORE.
  • It takes longer to get it fixed.
  • They come back to Taskers and stay with us.

Sound familiar?

Very often, instead of spending a lot of time on tearing apart a transmission we will replace it with a new refurbished transmission from Jasper Engines. We see transmissions all the time. We know what to expect at certain mileages. We know the probabilities.

Jasper Engines know even more. When they rebuild a transmission, they inspect, photograph and record every step in the process. If there is a repetitive problem with a certain transmission part, they don’t reuse the part. They get an aftermarket part that is better.

Every transmission is power tested. That is more than you get with a transmission rebuilt in house.We know problems with new and rebuilt transmissions before the dealers do.

Advantages to a ready rebuilt transmission:

  • Parts cost more, but you save on labor
  • You are changing the entire transmission
  • Transmission is pretested to factory specifications
  • You are back on the road quicker
  • No surprises